Thursday 17 March 2022


Mother’s Day is only round the corner and it really is a lovely way of showing your mum just how much she means to you with some thoughtful gifts.

I have rounded up a few of my favourites, from afternoon tea, pampering essentials, games and gin!. I definitely think I’ve got all mums covered in this gift guide :)

Gin, if you are new around here, it is my favourite alcoholic beverage and this cute little gin set from MOM would make such a lovely present.It has three delicious flavours inside and is only £11 from Amazon, such a bargain!.

If your loved one is someone that struggles with sleep and unwinding then I’d definitely recommend Echor. They do some amazing products that help create a relaxing evening routine with candles, journals and this gorgeous scented pillow spray. 

The pillow spray actually helps my little one who is 4 drift off smoothly too - which is always an added bonus :)

I have shared my love for love leggings, pun intended, for so many years now. They are the only legging I wear and are SO comfortable. The ultimate mum must have .

High waist band and just fit like a glove. They retail at £18.99 and come in black as well as so many other colours and are the comfiest leggings around.

Me and the girls love having a little pamper on Mother’s Day. I am a mother to three girls so pamper sessions are a must and we love them, do you?.

The orbeez soothing spa would be such a hit in our house for Mother’s Day. A nice lunch followed by an afternoon of pampering. Perfect!.

We love having a little treat lunch for occasions like this and Buyagift have some incredible treats and selections including afternoon tea at home

Delivered straight to your door ready for a lovely Mother’s Day lunch. The girls can’t wait to dig into this and it honestly looks incredible.

Relax after lunch with a game of beat the parents. Anyone else absolutely love board games?, we are addicted!.

This one is so much fun and the girls become so competitive when they know what’s at stake ! :)

Why not make your own creative set up with pens and a notebook and gift a little made up journal set. These type of gifts are so thoughtful.

Stabilo have so many different style of pens, whether your making up a set with colouring pages in, or a writing journal.

A soak in the bath,child free, no crying or noise is honestly my idea of heaven, I know it is for most mums too :) 

Why not treat her to some luxurious bath products from Dr Teal’s. They are great for redusing stress and helping to relax the mind and body and perfect for achy muscles - the benefits are endless.

Transformula have brought our their new beauty gift sets just in time for Mother’s Day. Two gorgeous sets to choose from depending on what you think your mum would prefer.

The mama glow set or the marine queen set , each comes with a beauty bag and has been awarded for its flawless formula.

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Mother’s Day .


  1. These gift ideas are amazing!! I love they're simple but can be such a thoughtful gift

  2. You have just given me a reminder that Mother's Day is coming. I tend to be the buyer for my mum and my mother-on-law too. Lovely ideas here

  3. The gifts are all amazing...My favorite is the espom salt, I know my mom would enjoy it.

  4. Thank you for sharing these amazing ideas. Now I know what to give to my mother on Mother's Day. I remember she loves beauty products!