Thursday 18 August 2022


Imagination is critical to a child’s success, in that they can learn to pick up a range of skills, learn to be themselves and know their own self worth. It all supports your child’s general growth, and it makes for a more positive and engaged child through all walks of life.




Here are some ways you can boost your child’s imagination that your child will love to get involved in.

Find playgroups or nurseries to build your child’s creativity

From toddler age your child can attend a nursery and/or a playgroup with other children their age. This is the perfect environment for your child to learn how to pick up on being curious and inquisitive. Forest schools and enrichment activities are good examples of ways to help your child with their imagination. Taking your child to a well-established nursery will give your child the chance to take on many new ways to explore the world they live in.

Try out different ways to have fun

Imagination comes with having fun and enjoying yourself, naturally, so it’s important that you let your child continually explore that. Give your child the chance to dance, sing, clap their hands and do all the things that they love to do. If your child has the chance to be themselves, let them do it, but also involve learning methods in their daily lives. For example, head outside and count how many snails and worms they find, and keep a log of them in a scrapbook that they can add to as they go.

Provide your child with an open environment to explore

A lot of imagination is motivated by the parents. If parents allow their child’s mind to wander, or allow them to make decisions for a group, then they have the chance to be imaginative and exploratory. Answer their questions with an open mind, and let them feel happy to try new things all the time.

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