Saturday 20 August 2022



When it comes to solving problems, your child should be exploring a range of ways to help them grow. Here are some ways you can try out today.

Let them take the wheel

As it will happen a lot of times in a child’s life, problems that arise and knowing when to help them are key. But you should at least let your child have a go, even if they make a few mistakes along the way. Of course you shouldn’t let your child struggle to the point where they get upset, but you can encourage them to work it out on their own. Schools will use this tactic in teaching children about life skills and further enrichment.

Give your child problems in safe places

An easy way to get your child to learn about solving problems is in a controlled space and using things they are familiar with. Toys are a good tool to try out with your kids. Have them work out how to fix a toy they might have broken, or see how they react if they drop some toys from their table. At toddler age your child may instinctively go over to collect their toys, but if they’re a bit older, they may already know to turn to you if they’ve accidentally broken a toy or think they can save it.

Ask lots of open questions

If you see something that happens in front of your child, ask them what they think of what just happened. See if they can offer their own opinions on what went on in front of them and how they may have handled that situation if it happened to them. Reassure them that there is no right or wrong answer, but it’s a good way to give your child a test as to how they could solve similar issues that may happen in the future.








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