Thursday 1 December 2022


 Nursery is essentially the first step to education for a child. They will be in a classroom setting with teachers and classmates, getting on with tasks set by the teacher themselves.

But what is it that they will be taught in nursery? It may seem like continuous play, but your child will be building on skills as they progress. Subjects are not very important right now as it is their skills and abilities that need to be developed more. Here is a guide that goes into more depth on what your child will learn at nursery, as advised by this Kindergarten in London.

Gross motor skills.

Physical development in a child starts with developing these skills which works on the larger muscles in the body. In nursery, your child will constantly be on the go. Continuous movement is one of the most important skills to develop in your child's early years as it is a necessity when it comes to other types of learning. 

Your child will develop skills such as strength and hand eye coordination. It also helps to improve concentration and helps to lay the foundation for fine motor skills.

Problem solving.

This is an important life skill that should be developed as early as possible. Learning this in nursery also helps children with their mathematical skills later on. 

These skills are worked on using simple activities such as completing puzzles, playing with board games, construction play and even resolving problems during playtime with others.

Language and vocabulary.

Nursery is one of the most perfect places for a child to expand on their vocabulary. Through consistent conversation and hearing others communicate, your child will understand the use of grammar, sentence structure and the meanings of words.

 Singing rhymes and songs, playing games, listening to stories and having circle time discussions are some of the most effective ways of helping a child work on their language and vocabulary skills.

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