Saturday 8 April 2023


 I am quite poorly and feeling rubbish at the minute but really want to make the most of the sunshine when it comes out and today has been glorious!. 

The local town centre is holding an egg hunt over the half term so I completely ditched the gym and we headed into town for the day.

Nila took her pennies with her and we did some girls shopping first . We got some Easter lush bath bombs, I can’t believe they have an Ostara one, I had to get it!. It was £7 which is definitely pricey but a warm soak in the bath tonight is so needed - along with a hot cup of tea and my antibiotics…

Cuddlies are Nila’s favourite thing and have been since she was little. We popped into WHSmiths and they had Easter bunny teddies, so that was going straight in her basket.

She has loved paying for her own things today and it’s been the cutest thing seeing her treat herself, she has loved taking her bag and purse out like mummy.

We did the egg hunt and it’s safe to say she’s got a little chocolate egg stash that’ll tide her over for the weekend.

Starbucks break at Nila’s request, I’m raising her well :)

We popped into the Elfie station where they had some free craft activities to do whilst we had our drinks. I love when the local town puts on activities throughout the half terms, we go to almost all of them.

We had a little play in the garden before pizza night commenced. Friday nights are always pizza night. We tried to find Hop but ended up with a firm favourite- ugly dolls.

Hope you are all having a lovely Bank holiday weekend.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! And a trip to Starbucks is always a win, right?

  2. That sounds like a fun day out. My daughter has also started taking her bag out to pay for her own things!

  3. You have a lovely girls with all the pampering and loads of love. Happy pizza night.

  4. This is so cool! What a fun time! I hope it was a blast - we had a good one too!

  5. Wow, I absolutely loved reading about the Potteries Centre Egg Hunt and the exciting activities lined up for visitors! The creative egg designs and interactive workshops sound like so much fun. Can't wait to attend!

  6. It is so fun when they get to pay for themselves. Little mini mes. :)

  7. It is lovely when local towns put on activities for children. It sounds like a nice day out. I love the colourful arch.

  8. This sounds like a fun event and very enjoyable. It's always nice when kids feel independent to pay for their own treats.