I was contacted by Simply and was asked if we would like to review some of their products,which were the Simpy washing tablets.As a parent with an endless amount of washing I couldn't refuse.

The children and I suffer with Eczema and sensitive skin so I thought we would be great candidates for the testing!.As well as being kinder to sensitive skin sufferers these tablets have been clinically tested and proven to outperform leading brands without the added toxic chemicals that damage your health and the environment.

The blue pack is the Simply sensitive range.These tablets have a powerful non-biological formulation which has been clinically proven to provide optimum cleaning,disinfection and sanitization with a gentle perfume that gives your washing a nice fresh smell without all the nasties.These can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here, retailing at £14,58 for a pack of 48 tablets.

The orange pack is the Simply pure range.These have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen,fragrance and phosphate free. Also non biological,which I stick to when washing the laundry.These can be purchased also from Amazon , retailing at £14.98 for a pack of 48 tablets.

The soft tablets are sealed with a film that is dosed ,one tablet per wash,unless you have a bunch of mucky pups and end up with a seriously dirty load! and are soluble.

After trialling both packs,I have got to say I am very impressed.They are affordable priced,as well as Amazon,they can be found in Sainsbury's and Holland And Barrett. We have had no allergic reactions,which is always a worry with the children,and they have definitely cleaned out the array of laundry,from school wear to sweaty gym towels,these tablets have seriously done the job .

We have also had a some lovely weather and have been able to stick the washing on the line!.
One happy mummy .


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