Sunday 3 April 2016


The girls have been busy this weekend reviewing the Galt ABC beads set. I use to make and sell jewellery so the children are quite the craftsmen when it comes to beads and string!.

The box contains almost everything you need,minus a ruler,which took ages to find!,sellotape,not a must though, and scissors. The beads are neon themed and very eye catching.The contents box can also be used to store all your beads and can be used as a work station,which is brilliant.

They each chose the colour string they wanted,cut it to size and set their beads up ready for threading.

 The blunt needle provided is an excellent tool for the younger ones if they have difficulty threading,even Alessia ended up using it, and it also stops your children from feeling like they can't manage it on their own.

There are 180 lettered beads and other beads to go round so no fighting or moaning over who picked the only letter A. This makes it a lot easier and stress free,so the girls can get on with their projects without the worry of missing letters. 

The concentration and effort the girl's put into their bracelets was fantastic.They really do enjoy crafting and we spent hours making bracelets for everyone.

Go check out the girls in action over on our Youtube Channel :)

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