Crazy Cafe | Review

So one thing we all love to do in this household is play board games. We have got the biggest collection of board games i have ever seen, and i must admit, i am pretty impressed.When we was contacted by tactic to review the crazy cafe game, i obviously agreed,another one to add to our collection!.

The aim of the game is very straight forward,don't drop the dishes!. You spin the wheel and are given a few choices to land on.You either place an item on the table,stack items on top of others or have to pull at the table cloth and hope everything stays put.

The children thought it was hilarious and kept hoping to land on 'pull'. Kadiann managed to pull the table cloth and left everything standing perfectly on a few occasions, smarty pants!.

We spent most of the afternoon perfecting our skills, very addictive and both the girls didn't get bored or fed up,which is always a bonus.On a scale of 10, the girls both rate this game 7/10.

Would highly recommend!. Would you drop your dishes?.

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Our New Fridge Freezer!! | AO Review

If you are the type of person that loves a bargain when food shopping and bulk buys on the special offers then you will understand my excitement!.

We was sent an american fridge freezer from AO to review. The one we picked was the Fridgemaster MS91518FFB in black. We initially picked the american style one as we was forever running out of space in both the fridge and freezer compartments and could never stock up on the special deals.

I am sold!, i have got to say i love it, the best fridge freezer we have ever had. I love the fact that it rapid freezes and is frost freeze,so gone are the days of defrosting. The different shelves on the freezer door are perfect for hiding mummy and daddy's ice creams, and the lower shelves able the children to be independent and fetch their own lollies,which might back fire at some point!.

The temperature control on the fridge is perfect for keeping your food at the right temperature, leaving it not to cold to eat,which always happened in our last one. No clutter as there is so much space. The touch screen feature on the door is brilliant, letting you know how long the door has been opened by alarm , so fancy!.

If you are interested in watching our full video review then i have linked it down below

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