It Has Arrived! | Hybrid Stroller

So my very own transformer stroller has finally arrived and i wanted to share with you my first impressions of it whilst we are still waiting for this little princess to pop out!

Taking it out of the box filled me with so much excitement, like a kid at Christmas, sad i know but look at it! it is gorgeous!

As you know i love the colour green so i went with the shade pistachio which is beautiful.

 I had no difficulty putting it together. The wheels literally click into place and the frame folds down with ease.The seat can also be positioned facing you which is a bonus.

I also got the carry cot attachment to go with this which is perfect for little newborns,it has its own mattress and feels super soft and cosy. This attachment fits into each side of the frames half circle slots and clicks into place.

The basket underneath this stroller is very large and can also be used to store the hybrid changing bag.

One of my favourite things about this stroller is both the seat and carrycot has a little compartment. For them quick trips to the local shops that don't require a changing bag that has everything in it plus the kitchen sink, this little beauty can be used for small change,keys and your mobile phone. 

I am so pleased with it and can not wait to give it a proper test drive once little madam is here and give you a full review!

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  1. Oh my goodness that's gorgeous! I'm sure she'll enjoy the rides on that one :-) loving the colour :-)

  2. Oooh this looks like a good travel pushchair, hope you find it works well. It's very similar to the Oyster, which we have :)

  3. Great pockets and basket for keeping things in when out and about. Looks fab!

  4. Love the colour. Looks really cool and useful x

  5. What a unique colour, not seen that shade of green before. Will be exciting for you to try it out properly soon xx

  6. what a fascinating pram! I love the colour xx


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