Saturday 11 February 2017


Back to school time and one thing i dread more than anything is the packed lunches!. Kadiann enjoys a hot school meal most days but Alessia is not keen on them and has a packed lunch 4 days out of the 5, she loves the chippy Friday lunch though!

Trying to keep snacks in Alessia's lunch box healthy as well as yummy has been an issue in the past. Making sure things are not repetitive, Alessia enjoying her lunch as well as it keeping her full is what i aim for.

Heavenly Tasty is an organic company that produces organic superfood snacks, cereals, fruit squishes, bread sticks, i could go on.They have such a wide variety of different yummy treats to suit both baby and child.

We got the privilege to try out some of their snacks and Alessia loved them!. They are available to purchase in most supermarkets, Ocado,tesco,Waitrose,Morrisons, to name a few, and also Boots which is very convenient if your out and about and need a quick snack stop.

Have you tried Heavenly Tasty? ,what did you think?, let us know if you was as happy with your snacks as this little munckin.

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