Friday 27 January 2017


Yes i am actually writing about my first trimester, i am pregnant!. This all seems so bizarre to me and i cant quite believe it yet, although i should by now. If you would like to know more about us finding out and if we had planned this little munchkin then you can check out my  pregnancy diary video on my you tube channel :)

So, the first trimester for me has been a bit of a rocky road. We found out we were expecting around 4 weeks and it has pretty much been a bit of a roller coaster ride.


At 5 weeks i had cramping, i wasn't to sure if this was down to me still working my normal shifts, as a carer in the community, and perhaps over doing things so i left it for a few days to see how i got on. After a few days i noticed some bleeding and got booked in for an early scan at the early pregnancy unit. 

Unfortunately they were unable to see much due to me being so early on in the pregnancy and re booked me in for the following week.We went back a week later and everything was fine, with a great sigh of relief for myself as i had been a nervous wreck that week waiting.


Initially i had very sore breasts, even the bath water seemed to give me such excruciating pain, which is quite common for me and i had this in my previous pregnancies. This ,thankfully, has eased off and is somewhat bearable. Nausea pretty much throughout the first trimester was horrendous, the feeling of being constantly hungover left me feeling very poorly and i had been unable to eat much and did not have much of an appetite at all.

Dehydration also played a part towards the end of this trimester, and i also had quite a few headaches, whether these two were linked i am not sure but the headaches are now far and few between and  i managed to control the thirst.


I cant say i have had any cravings so far. I had such odd cravings with the girls and they lasted throughout the pregnancies but this time round i haven't had any of yet. The only thing that i would class as a bit of a craving is oranges and satsumas, i have been really enjoying these, whether they will become a craving,time will tell.


So we had our 12 week scan and i have got to say i was very nervous, being a sufferer of anxiety i cant seem to shift the worry of is everything alright, so we went in, we took both the girls, which was lovely, and we all saw little bean. The baby was doing excellent, wriggling about waving and having its only little party in there, which was amazing to see.

So the first trimester is over, seems like it has gone by in a flash!. Lets see what the second trimester brings :)

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