Monday, 22 May 2017



Already having two children, people assume i have got it all together this time round with baby number three on her way. surely she must be a pro at this! i can assure you that is so far away from the truth.

Whether you are planning for your first little munchkin or your fifth!, you will still get that panicky feeling, have i got enough bottles?, do i need more bibs? especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

With due day just around the corner for us, planning and preparing over the last few weeks have been essential for me, making lists for lists,yes it has got that bad at times so this complete feeding set from Tommee Tippee is the perfect kit to help tick more than one item off your list.

It comes with everything you could possibly need for bottle feeding your little one and more, the bottle warmer is brilliant and i have had one of these for both the girls when they were little.

The set includes 

1x Electric steam steriliser
1x Electric bottle warmer
2x Insulated bottle bags
4x 150ml Feeding bottles-with slow flow teats
4x 260ml Feeding bottles-with slow flow teats
1x Bottle and teat brush
2x Medium flow teats
6x Milk powder dispensers
1x Soother 0-6M
1x Teat tongs

We would highly recommend this starter set to anyone that is expecting a baby.

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*We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review*


  1. Wow this set looks great and there's so much included! It takes me right back to those tiny baby days! x

  2. Wow that pillow looks ace restful sleep I bet could do with one of those Hun x

  3. I am breastfeeding my youngest currently but can see how this set would be good for those who bottle feed - sounds like they've got you covered x

  4. I totally get that sheer panic of 'oh god do we have everything!?' and its so handy that many companies offer these type of 'all in one' things! but i am a sucker for baby stuff and would probably get one for the sake of it haha!

  5. Great set, perfect for starting out with a newborn so if you need to express or use formula you're all set!

  6. Looks a great kit to get, to get organised 😀

  7. We have just got our Tommee Tippee items ready for the next one! All we need now is a steriliser :) x

  8. This looks like a fantastic kit to have access to when you have a new born baby at home!

  9. I only have one child, but yes, I still remember the feeling of panic when my due date was almost near. I remember Tommee Tippee too, definitely a good and trusted brand :)

  10. What a brilliant set - it can be overwhelming, as a new parent, knowing what to buy and this is perfect!

  11. Looks like a great kit I had a similar one when I had my son however with a microwave steamer and not the bottle warmer.

  12. Tommy Tipee seems to be the best brand around for this sort of kit, so much in it!

  13. What a fab set! I love Tommee Tippee, I used their steriliser and bottles with all of mine.

  14. This looks like a great set! I used Tommee Tippee with my little girl and all the products we tried were fantastic! I love that it has everything you need! x

  15. This looks like such a great set. We used Tommee Tippee bottles with my youngest and they were really good.

  16. I had this set. It was really good. We never needed to go out and buy anything else and my daughter really took to the bottles. x

  17. This set looks perfect for all new parents to be! It's got so much included too, really good value for money x

  18. Looks a fantastic set, got everything in it that you will need and to keep you going.

  19. Completely agree with you, it doesn't matter if you already have children, you still worry! This looks like a great set


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