Friday 9 February 2024


 When I say this week has been a week from hell I am seriously putting it lightly. From lifting the heaviest weights the week before to shivering in bed with a fever and temperature of 89.9 and being unable to walk down the stairs.

Started off with Nila feeling poorly over the weekend and she ended up having Monday off of school as her temp was still high. That afternoon we snuggled up on the sofa after work to watch a movie and my whole body started aching.

It felt like the aches I usually would have after a gym session and sometimes you can get delayed muscle fatigue but this was something else. It felt like my limbs were being pulled out of their sockets. We got an early night and that was where it all went downhill.

Early hours I had the worst night sweats and my temp was sky high. As well as Nila being unwell, the joys of parenting and both of you being poorly right? why not throw another one into the mix...

Tuesday was when it hit Alessia and we have all had the flu all week. High temp, sweats, nausea - it has been horrific. I honestly haven't been this ill for years and it has knocked me for six.

We haven't left the bedrooms and barely eaten. Keeping on top of fluids has been the only thing we have managed to keep down. Mezz has been on hand every day with cold and flu tablets, Calpol and snacks just in case, which I am very grateful for and I think the tablets have helped shift some of it as today I am downstairs with a cup of coffee, I haven't been able to drink coffee all week, and working.

Being poorly but still having to show up for work and look after the children has been so hard but we have got through the week and I am really hoping we can recuperate over the weekend and enjoy the half term.

We also had the news that our house move that was rescheduled for the summer has been cancelled which I dont even want to get into as I am devastated. After a year of waiting and potentially missing out on other houses we have found, it is back to hunting for a new home.

I am trying to stay as hopeful and positive as I can so keeping my toes and fingers crossed that we find somewhere before next winter.

Has anyone else had this deadly flu over the past few weeks? I know it is doing its rounds...

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  1. It's tough enough taking care of little ones when they're unwell, but having everyone down with the flu is a whole different level of difficulty. Sending lots of healing vibes your way!