Wednesday 7 February 2024


  If you have followed me for a while then you will know my love for skincare. I love all things beauty and can not think of anything better than spending an evening doing my skincare routine. I am always up and open to trying out new things and implementing new steps into my daily routines too. Wing It Cosmetics got in touch with their Dermaplaning starter kit and I am obsessed!.

I am not new to dermaplaning and if you are a regular reader you know I love a face razor but these ones are next level.

The starter kit includes

2x Take if off Dermaplaning razors

Full size 30ml hydrating 100% pure squalane oil

 If you have never tried Dermaplaning before but always been a little cautious to try it for a few reasons then I have been there before. I thought it would make the hair grow back faster and thicker. it would give me breakouts, but I have been Dermaplaning for years now and absolutely love it.

Another worry is cutting yourself right?. No one wants to look like they've used their Dad's razor, anyone else remember seeing their dad when they were younger with tissue over the cuts from shaving on their face? :)

Wing It uses clinically graded stainless steel blades with 52 micro safety guards to give the most gentle shave and are so kind and delicate on the skin.

Here is how to Dermaplan in 3 easy steps

1. Clean your face. I always exfoliate beforehand and have a good cleanse so my skin is super clean.

2. Apply a little oil to the face. Wing It Cosmetics has some gorgeous face oils to choose from, depending on what skin type you have.

3. Then shave your face with the gentle facial razors.

As easy as that, no pain of plucking them stray hairs out, if you know, you know and it leaves your face feeling super smooth and flawless.

I then finish my steps with a nice thick moisturiser as that is my preference but you can use another oil to lock in maximum hydration or whatever last step you prefer.

If you would like to try Wing It Cosmetics, then you can Shop Here for their full range..

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