Monday 12 February 2024


  We have finally left the house after what has felt like a million days stuck in with the worst flu we have ever had. When I say we have been ill with the flu , I am talking high temperatures of 90 and literally not leaving the bed unless we needed the toilet, the struggle has been real so this morning I woke up and was determined to get out.

Saturday was when we managed to come downstairs, have coffee and no temperature in sight. So we were slowly coming out of it and I honestly can not wait for 100% recovery from this.

Finished work today and booked us into the cinema to watch Migration. Nila and I have seen the trailers and have been wanting to watch it for ages. 

An hour long wait for the bus, honestly , I can not wait to be driving!. Watch this space as I am hoping I can pass my test by the summer :)

We got some snacks and headed to town. It was amazing to be out of the house. We haven’t left the front door for 10 days and the fresh air has done us the world of good.

Nila brought her pennies with her and we did a little bit of shopping after the film. She found a slinky which she’s currently obsessed with and she also picked up a sew your own bunny. They have been sewing at school so she was eager to buy it and get sewing at home .

I have an aid we will get mummy’s sewing machine out and start making things together as she is so creative, she loves making things.

I picked up some new cleanser from TK MAXX. I don’t necessarily need it but there is something about retail therapy that does wonders right?. 

It’s been a lovely afternoon and safe to say we are both shattered and can not wait for a cup of tea and bed ..

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