Monday 8 April 2024


 The last week of the half term has been full on. It’s been a really busy week with work and entertaining the child at the same time. If any of you work from home and have children , you will know the half term struggles.

We got back from holiday and been stuck in pretty much since then. Cabin fever has hit hard and we needed a girl’s day out.

Alessia and I have been so excited to watch the new ghostbusters movie Frozen Empire so I booked us in and we planned our Saturday .

Taxi into town and a little bit of retail therapy . Sometimes it’s fun just to have a look around. You really don’t need to buy loads of stuff to have fun. 

We spent ages in The Entertainer looking at the squishmallow’s names and guessing what they were called. We laughed our heads off and must of looked like right idiots but it was SO funny!.

Headed to lush, of course. I found a stash of bath bombs in my wardrobe so I didn’t need anything but the smell in there just gives me all them happy dopamine’s :)

They also have some Shrek limited editions pieces in there as well as the Fiona lush spray!.

We picked up some sushi to take into the cinema for lunch and some snacks and the film was 10/10 - we really enjoyed it.

Off to Nandos for dinner and then home for bubble baths and my new book :)

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