If you follow us over on YouTube then you will know we have had a nightmare with our washing machine . Half the cycles decided to back in and then only one worked occasionally and with a family of 5 including a newborn with endless amount of washing , a broken washing machine was the last thing we needed, Especially befor Christmas!

We got super lucky and received the  Candy Grand’0 Vita GVS1610TH from AO to review . The first thing I loved about it was the size of the drum, it is a 10kg capacity drum, which is perfect for our big family .

 It has so many different features . The smart touch control let’s you manage your washing from your phone! And even download different wash cycles - I mean, who knew this was a thing!. It has a touch screen too- which I must admit is super duper sensitive - I obviously don’t know my own strength...

I love the fact that it has so many cycles, especially the three different quick washes - 14 / 30 / 44 minutes - which is perfect for things that just need freshening up, or if your like me and forget to wash something and have literally half and hour to wash and dry the garment ! I am sure every parent has been in that situation before :)

I also really like the 59 minute daily wash and the baby cycle leaves Nila’s absoulatey filthy white wotsit stained rompers sparkling clean! And even I doubted this bad boy when it came to them .

The only con I will say about this washer is the last rinse cycle can be on the noisy side so I have had to put my mad mission midnight cleaning sprees on hold but overall we are really impressed with this washer and would give it a 4.5/5 :)

- We were kindly sent this washing Machine in exchange for an honest review


  1. Oh I love the sound of this, 10kg is perfect, nothing worse than a small drum = more wash loads.

  2. That looks brilliant! Our washing machine was second hand from a family member but I think will need replacing!

  3. Oh this is great. I can't stand our washing machine it's so so unreliable x

  4. This sounds like a great machine - I fear our washing machine is on it's way out and with a baby due in a few weeks, I can't afford for it to break down. A 10kg drum sounds like a dream!

  5. This sounds brilliant, I am beyond jealous of the 10kg drum👀 I always hear such good things about AO products!

  6. Ooh this looks fab! I would love a 10kg drum haha! xx


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