I’m writing this whilst Nila is fast asleep on my chest .. how has it been half a year already? - 6 whole months since I have birth to this precious human being . I honestly can’t belive how fast the months are going .

You know them sleepless nights and the colic cries - when you wish they days to be over , I wish they were back . I wish she was still newborn , I don’t want my baby to grow up.

Nila is our last baby and I think that has something to do with how I am feeling . As I snuggle her and smell her baby head - yes I am a baby head sniffer! , I can’t help but feel sad . Am I the only one who gets like this ?

After having three beautiful daughters and in all honestly , three pretty good birth stories to go with them , I feel super blessed and super proud of all my girls .

Nila is absoulately thriving - she has actually just started sitting on her own - with the odd wobble :) , she’s not so keen on her jumperoo anymore and actually hates standing - lazy sod! , takes after her dad .. ha!

She’s loving weaning and prefers savoury to sweet 100%. She is now to big for her snuzpod and we are looking at purchasing a cot , another milestone! She is still in our room and will be until we feel ready for her to share with Alessia. Although Alessia is in no rush to share her space ... and I’m not quite ready for her to leave our room just yet .

I love hearing her in the room , and her little breath and grunts whilst she sleeps , she is absolutely perfect .

Toes! ... what is it about her toes that she loves so much! So much so she will suck the hell out of them until there wrinkles! If she doesn’t have a foot fetish when she’s older then I’ll eat my hat! :)

Oh she has a tooth! How did I forget that! She has a little Peggy and looks super cute with her Peggy grin and has been such a trooper with it , no calpol or teething gel - she’s a rebel!

Half a year already.... I just can’t belive it ...


  1. Aww so many milestones met :) My daughter is also 6 months and we've been through it all too, which is breaking my heart slightly. Especially not sleeping in our room anymore!

  2. It's true, it goes so very quickly. I'm reliving these newborn moments with a friend who gave birth in December and sometimes wish my little girl was as small as that again.

  3. My son loved to suck his toes and continued into his teens, although it morphed into biting his nails

  4. I love how you cherish all these tiny moments with your girls. Hope you have many more before they grow up.

  5. She is such a cutie. The time does go by quickly. Enjoy it.

  6. Ohh, I have been hearing this kind of sentiments with my colleagues who just recently gave birth. Time flies so fast especially with babies. But we cannot stop her from growing up. Just always note that you are an awesome mom and your angel is growing up so cute and beautiful.

  7. My manager and my colleague both gave birth only a week apart and this was back in October - I have watched both babies grow so much in just a short space of time & I don't even live with them. I can only imagine what it feels like for the parents! Its an absolutely beautiful journey!


  8. Ahhh what a cutie and how does 6 months go by so quickly. Love she sucks her toes!!!!

  9. You’re definitely not alone in your feelings! Neve is my last baby too and I get emotional all the time at each milestone! She’s beautiful - well done on the sitting little lady!!

  10. Oh she is so adorable and savour these moments as they just go by too quickly :)

    Laura x


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