Friday 12 January 2018


Being a mum of three, money spent on myself is very rare. We have all been there when we put the children first, and would love to just be spontaneous and go on a mad shopping spree... I know I would.

I have decided to take the leap and once a month treat myself to something nice - obviously something nice and something that I need, remember I am doing a year of minimisation! :)

I am in desperate need of some new clothes - if you have followed me for a while you will know I am   Losing weight since having Baby Nila and there is nothing better than chucking the old clothes out that no longer fit and replacing them with beautiful new ones!

This month I have come across a few items from Esprit - I love online shopping and have chosen three items I’d love in my wardrobe.

The first one is a jumper - now if you are in the UK you will agree with me , it is so cold at the minute and going out without a jumper and a coat in January is not an option! This mohair blend jumper is beautiful. I am a lover of leopard print, and the combination of leopard print and stripes adds that extra bit of quirkiness to it . It also comes in an off white but I am currently loving pinks and this pink jumper paired up with some black skinny jeans will look super cute.

Boots! - I have got to say I am a hoarder of boots and probably don’t need another pair anytime soon but I have yet to purchase any boots that’ll keep me warm on the way to work. I am returning to work this month after being on maternity leave and I do a lot of walking - up to 3 miles a day . One thing that makes all the difference is comfy , warm boots. I have found some black lace up boots Here that have a faux fur lining in them, which is definitely what I need. They look really comfy too and the soles look great for a lot of walking ! :)

Lastly is this two - tone knitted dress in black. I’m really loving dresses at the minute with thick tights and boots . It’s just such a comfy outfit . I love the round neckline on this dress and the decorative buttons on the sleeves give it that extra touch that could change it from casual day dress to an evening dinner dress, which is essentially a bargain ! .

Have you got any wardrobe must haves on your wish list? I'd love to know which items you are hoping to treat yourself with :)

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