Monday 15 January 2018


Fitting in quality one on one time with the older two girls has been pretty difficult since Nila has been born. I have been open and honest about it along the way and now Nila is 6 months,i feel we are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.

Once a month i have decided to take one of the girls out on their own, whether it be the park,or for hot chocolate or the cinema :)

Last weekend Kadiann had friends over so i took this opportunity to take Alessia out for the day. We are all big Jumanji fans and was eager to watch the new movie, so Scott dropped us off into town to go watch it.

Bit of a tumble at the start - the film had been over booked so we were unable to see the 2pm showing, luckily for us there is another cinema about 25 minutes walk from the big town, so i rang them up and they had seats for the 3.30pm showing..perfect!.

We had an hour to hit the shops before we had to make our way down. We obviously ended up in the american candy store - Alessia's favourite! Although it is so expensive!, i am talking sell your arm expensive!, but it was her day, she picked out a sweet and was super happy.She also had a go at the fast and furious car racing in the arcades - she loves them, and shes actually really good too!

Next stop was burger king for lunch- the look on Alessia's face, with it being just me and her, she was in her glory and whilst we headed down to the cinema she turned to me and said 'mum this is the best day ever, and it's only getting started', honestly i could have cried.

It had been pretty tough going for Alessia since Nila has been born.Not being the youngest anymore and having to wait a little or miss out on story time because Nila has been crying.It has really taken it out of her, and we have had a few bumps in the road with naughty behaviour to get some kind of attention.

Anyway, as i was saying - my lessie bug was in her glory and i was too! Not having to worry if Nila was crying and having my undivided attention just for this munchkin was perfect.

We opted for pick n mix and a slushy - tango slush puppy. fizzy?! I have never heard of one of these, and the taste?, well i felt like one of the kids off of Mary Poppins taking their medicine, no, not for me !

The film was so good! Honestly, the way they have remade it is pretty funny, i still don't think it is as good as the original with Robin Williams, but i guess i am a little old school.

So our first one on one daughter date went absolutely perfect! I can not wait for the next one! :)

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