Wednesday 17 January 2018


As you will Know, if you are a regular reader, all the girls suffer with eczema. It can be an absolute nightmare when it flares up and can be ever so sore and it is always trial and error when it comes to products to use on them, whether it be in the bath or a new moisturiser- we never know if one of them are going to end up with a reaction.

I have found a few products that the girls love. Some high end and some very affordable . We haven’t had no flare ups or aggravation from them and one of our favourite products , and also the cheapest one we use is InfaCare

InfaCare has been used in our family for so long , my mum used it on me and all my siblings and I have been using it on the children for over 14 years now and I love it . The smell just reminds me of babies and even I have used it to run a bubble bath :)

The formula is ultra mild and has actually been specially formulated to not irritate babies skin. The masses of bubbles are long lasting and are super soft and gentle, and apparently are tasty as Nila likes to try and eat them! :)

They also have a night time baby bath - which I have recently tried on the girls before bed. It has a gentle scent to help relax and wind down baby of an evening as part of their night time routine . I must say I do prefer the original InfaCare scent but this night time one is the perfect addition to settling your little ones before bed.

I’d love to hear any of your recommendations, or if you have a family favourite product that has been used for donkey’s years as my parents like to say :)

-This post contains Pr samples

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