Today has been all about baking and crafts. The Christmas holidays are in full swing and we love it!. I love when Alessia breaks up from school - no school runs or super early mornings - bliss!

We spent the whole morning with the crafts out . We have the biggest craft cupboard known to man kind - it is huge!. Nila wanted to do some painting , it’s her favourite thing at the minute to do.

I set out some of the baker Ross crafts we had left over from last year and they got stuck in making some candle holders, Lessie chose the Christmas tree and Nila wanted to do the gingerbread house .

I let them get on with it as I think it is so important for kids to be creative and do things for themselves- even if they paint most of the table , or come out of ‘the lines’.

We did some Christmas pictures for the fridge and also for nanny and Grandad- which I need to remember to put in their Christmas gift parcel! - I am rubbish at remembering things like that!

The girls had snacks whilst I tidied up and set out the stuff to make biscuits , it’s a really easy biscuit recipe which I have on my blog :)

Baking is one of our favourite things to do - all seasons!. We did some festive biscuits with it being Xmas and got the cutters out - no dinosaurs this time . If you follow us on instagram then you would of seen last week we made gingerbread dinosaurs , Nila’s choice :)

We added gingerbread syrup and cinnamon to make them extra Christmassy and they tasted Amazing!

It’s been lovely today, a nice slow , no expectations kinda day - which was definitely needed :)


  1. Sounds like some fun activities :D We did a few Christmas Crafts before Christmas day, but not as many as usual as I was poorly.

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun, we did so much crafting over Christmas, it was truly wonderful I wish we had time the rest of the year to do as much.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. We love doing Christmas crafts and am planning on getting into baking with O in the new year.

  4. I love doing Christmas crafts with the twins, I haven't been brave enough to do any baking yet....I can't stand the mess lol

  5. I love days like this where we do nothing but crafts and cookie baking which is so much fun! Looks like your kids had such a great time

  6. We have tons of Baker Ross craft kits, really need to dig them out and make them too!

  7. Oh cinnamon and gingerbread syrup sounds great. I can't wait to move and have my own kitchen so I can bake more x

  8. That looks so nice! Nothing is better than crafting during holidays :-) Cecilia xx


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