Friday 20 December 2019


So this morning I booked us all in to see Frozen 2. Friday nights are normally our date night and we go out for dinner or go to the Cinema but I decided it was going to be family night and booked us in at the cinema.

Honestly, I have been dying to see Frozen 2 since it came out but we have just been so busy and it always seems to be fully booked when I have a look last minute.

Anyway I was actually searching on the VUE for some new Christmas films , as me and Kay went to watch Last Christmas a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it , but there aren’t any other Christmas ones out so I checked frozen 2 and it had spaces!.

I booked us all in for after school and was SO excited!. Kay and I did some last minute Xmas shopping and Mezz picked Lessie up from school and we headed straight there .

The girls got some popcorn and snacks . I love the little kids trays in the cinema .I think they are great for the little ones and they last the whole movie - which is saying something when it comes to my food monsters! :)

The film was so good , I prefer it to the first one and I love the songs - I won’t spoil the film if you haven’t seen it yet , but it was a lovely ending and all three girls were singing and laughing throughout.

Alessia said it has been the best start to the Christmas holidays and it really did melt my heart. So looking forward to time off with the girls .

We have already been listening to the soundtrack on  Spotify tonight and will definitely take the girls back when it goes into kids club !

Have you seen it yet? Which one do you prefer ? :)

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