I don’t know about you but when it comes to this time of year , I am all about keeping our home super cosy and warm .

The last few days we have actually had the worst storm , which has been horrid, our fences have broken and also the trampoline, so it’s been home days all round - which we love :)

Today we have had snow and the weather has been -2 so it’s been operation get the house nice and cosy for these colder winter months.

These are an absolute must in our living room . You can not have enough cushions and blankets for the sofa, especially of an evening when you’ve got the children in bed and are snuggling up with some Netflix and a tea :)

If you have followed us for a while then you will know that we recently changed our laminate flooring to carpet due to the mornings being absolutely freezing. It would definitely be fluffy socks  and slippers before we stepped foot on the laminate as it was so cold.

We went for a cosy beige carpet which really suits the theme we have downstairs , but flooring super store online actually have a wide range of colours from mixed to purple so if you are looking for a specific colour then you will definitely find it :).

Nothing says cosy more than soft lighting . We have salt lamps in every room of the house so when dinner has been eaten and  everything has been cleared up for the night. We change into our pyjamas and pop the salt lamps on .

They are amazing and really set the mood . They also have so many benefits too , like reducing stress levels , improves breathing and also helps with sleep .

We have our heating on for most of the day on a low heat setting . This is actually more cost effective then having your heating on and off on a timer .

This way the house is always warm and never get that’s horrible chill . Plus you are saving money as well. Definitely check with your gas and electric supplier on which energy plan is more suited for you and you could also save yourself some pennies too!.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get your home winter ready this year . I’d love to hear any winter must haves you can not love without in the home :).


  1. I love a cosy home especially at this time of the year, throws, cushions and rugs are my thing as they just make everything feel homely

  2. I love making my house look all cosy in winter. Plenty of throws and cushions and loads of nice scented candles.

  3. There is nothing worse than a house feeling cold. I love a spot cosying up with fluffy cushions and throws

  4. We use lots of throws and comfy cushions! Nothing better than curling up on a sofa with a fleecy throw and a cuppa!

  5. Those are all wonderful tips to keep in mind. The heating is probably the most important of all since I think anyone would not like a cold house.

  6. Great tips, I often check my energy tariffs on comparison sites and have made some great savings! I love have loads of blankets and throws in the winter too, we currently have about 5 of them on our sofa for snuggling up in lol!


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