If you have followed us for a while then you will know , I love being in the kitchen . Whether it’s cooking or baking - I absolutely love it , and so do the girls.I also love a good kitchen gadget - and if they are going to impress me and also save time , then it’s an added bonus and I am definitely all for trying it out :)

A lot of you have mentioned the air fryers that have completely taken over , over the last few years . My mother in law has one too and is always telling us we should purchase one as they are a life saver , are they really that good? I did wonder.

We have been lucky enough to be sent out the VonShef 3.5L Air Fryer and I really couldn’t wait to try it out.

Honestly , if you make chips from scratch and do them in the oven , it takes ages!. Especially for us , a family of five - five portions of chips to par boil and then oven bake .

So the two things i was desperate to try was of course chips , and roast potato’s!. We never have roasties on our Sunday dinner anymore - I’m just rubbish at doing them .

I put the air fryer to the test at lunch time last week and popped in two potatoes , skin on,a bit of fry light and crossed my fingers and toes. They came out perfect!, literally perfect!. I can’t actually believe how easy the air fryer is to use .

So it has two settings -bottom one is  a timer so you can set the time you wish to have it on for  and not have to worry about it which is a godsend when you have a toddler to see to .

 I would recommend going in and giving your food a shake , depending on what you are cooking , definitely chips and roast potatoes need a little shake.

Then you have the dial which sets the heat . You will figure out which is best once you have used your air fryer a few times . I googled best settings for some of the stuff I have made over the past week so it isn’t difficult to figure out  and definitely no burning going on :)

So over the weekend we had our usual roast and I tried out the roast potatoes, cut the potatoes into quarters, sprayed them with some fry light and I actually sprinkled on some roast potato seasoning.

In the air fry on 140 for half hour and they were absolutely delicious!. I gave them a couple of shakes and sprayed a little bit more frylight after 20 minutes to make sure they were extra crispy and they were perfect.

Everyone enjoyed them , and asked for seconds!. I can honestly say the air fryer will definitely be up there with the top gadgets I will be using in the kitchen .

 I can not wait to try out some new ideas - homemade hash browns are next :)

The VonShef air fryer retails at £43.99 and is free delivery :)


  1. The potatoes look so crispy! I don't have an air fryer so I know the pain of making perfect roast potatoes in the oven, after you boil them first just to that exact temperature so they are not hard but not soft either. I might invest in an Air fryer.

  2. I really need to get my hands on an airfryer to try it out for myself. I love that they give a healthier option to the oil drenched alternatives.

  3. What a lovely review blog post this is, I have been wanting to get an Air Fryer for a while now and will get the VonShef as this looks like the perfect time saver for me

  4. I want an air fryer, they are just the best kitchen gadgets ever and these roast potatoes turned out really good, I am curious how they harsh browns will turn out.

  5. I've never really thought about getting an air fryer before but it sounds like it makes the best roasties!

  6. Air Fryer's sound great. I want to try them for sweet potato fries as I can never get them right in the oven.

  7. My oven doesn't do roast potatoes very well, I have a different air fryer and they don't always come out great as there is attachment that's slowly spins around the around, however very in general I think air fryers are the way forward for alot of these type foods

  8. I love a good air fryer, it makes everything the perfect crispyness. I've done chips in it loads but not done roasties in it yet x

  9. I love roast potatoes! These look great, I really need to get myself an air fryer.


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