Keeping the girls happy at the same time can definitely be a struggle . We three children with quite big age gaps , I can struggle to find activities they all love doing together  - not with kinetic sand.

We were kindly sent the Kinetic sand rainbow set to review and it has been going down a real treat.If you are not familiar with kinetic sand , then it is essentially play sand without the mess !, sounds good right?.

Kinetic sand is actually made from natural sand and is wheat , gluten and casein free , making it really safe to play with and also great for them kiddies that have to stick everything in their mouths :)

This set is the rainbow set which includes 

  • 3 different lots of kinetic sand : red, blue and yellow.
  • 1 squisher and sand portioner
  • 3 squisher stamps
  • 1 slicer ( Nila’s favourite )
  • 1 stacker mould
  • 3 castle containers

Perfect starter set for anyone that is new to kinetic sand or a great add on to your collection. The girls have been out the garden nearly every day with the beautiful weather we have been having recently so they have taken their sand outside and have spent hours creating little master pieces.

Nila is 3 soon and she absolutely loves it . It encourages sensory play , and if you haven’t felt it , then you are missing out , it is definitely therapeutic:)

Great for building them fine motor skills too  and all round fun!

Kinetic sand doesn’t dry out and is really easy to mould , which makes it so satisfying!. Pop it in a lock zip bag to keep it fresh for longer and you will have tons more play out of it .

The set retails at around £9.99 and can be purchased from most places online .

-We were gifted this set in exchange for an honest review 


  1. This sounds like it is so much fun, I have to admit I feel like it could be quite soothing to play with.

  2. This looks like great fun, my kids love kinetic sand. How long did it take them to mix up all the colours

  3. What a great set, this is definitely something I think my 10 and 6 year old could enjoy together. I love Kinetic sand it is just so therapeutic and I am an adult lol! x

  4. We love Kinetic Sand, it is so much fun! The kids are always playing with it.

  5. My kids used to play with the when they were young and I have to admit I spend many hours playing with it too as there is something so calming about it

  6. Sounds like a great addition to any household with kids, and great that it is easy to mould and doesn't dry out. It's cheap too!

  7. Mine have always loved kinetic sand! It's so easy to mould and I love the bright colours. So glad its bringing your children together.


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