Thursday 9 April 2020


With everything that is going on in the world at the minute, it is so easy to just ‘give up’ and let ourselves go. Then we start feeling bad for it , feeling sluggish and even worse than we did in the first place .

Keeping focused and healthy during this pandemic is definitely one of my priorities. If you have followed me for a while then you will know I have been on a weight loss and fitness journey for a few years now and I am absolutely loving it .

I lost 3 stone and have never felt so good in myself . Feeling good hasn’t come easy and isn’t all about losing weight and staying fit, it’s about looking after yourself and making YOU a priority.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you feel good in your own skin and keep positive and motivated at this time , we’ve got this :)

This might seem obvious, and it also might be one of them things you all sigh at , but water is so beneficial to you. Not only for your health but for your skin . Since I started drinking more water , my headaches went and my skin felt so much more hydrated than it did before . If you are  not to keen on water , try adding a splash of sugar free squash in there for a little taste :)

Multivitamins are a must in our house . Myself and Scott take them and so do all three of the children . They are an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making sure your body gets exactly what it needs.

You can get all round multivitamins or depending what you are lacking, maybe you want to take a few different supplements to get your body feeling it’s absolute best!. Whichever is is , premier formula offer a wide range of different supplements to suit your needs , they also do children’s ones too if you are running low and if you are indecisive , then check out theirs doctors recommendations  :)

Taking time out is so important . Being on your feet all day can take its toll out on you , especially if you are running around after little ones . Taking half an hour out of an evening for a cup of tea and a soak in the bath , get your hair washed and a face mask, will have you feeling amazing!.

Have you got a balanced diet?, I’m not talking ‘rabbit food’ for any of you that are panicking , 3 meals a day with plenty of fruit and fibre , calcium and nutrition.

Making sure you are not skipping meals is so important and having breakfast every morning really kick starts your metabolism for the day and sets you up for a good day .

Last but definitely not least , don’t compare yourself to others . You are unique and there is only one of you , regardless of how ‘amazing’ someone on Instagram looks or how ‘perfect’ their hair is , we all seem to try and be someone else when in fact , who we are is good enough.

Work on you and you will feel amazing in your own skin and love every single bit of it :)

I really hope these tips give you some inspiration and some positive vibes for becoming the best you ...

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