With Lessie going back to school next week I wanted to take her out  on her own and have a mummy daughter day as lock down has been extremely tough on all of us but I think Alessia has really struggled .

She is definitely a peoples person and loves being around all her friends so when lock down hit , I could see her going into her shell more and more each week .

So with only a week to go until school starts , I booked us in for afternoon tea which both of us have never had before and we were really excited !.

The teapot in Milton have also been taking part in the eat out to help out so it was really affordable and the pictures on the website looked incredible.

We arrived and out came  the array of goodies - a big pot of  tea , sausage rolls , pork pies , salad and nachos to start with.  I love my tea and I actually drank the whole pot :) Alessia opted for apple juice instead .

We giggled so much and talked about school and what else we needed to get before the big day . She has been so excited for school and she is actually changing schools this year which is even more nerve wracking but she is full of excitement.

We discussed any worries she might of had and if there was anything she wanted to ask the school before starting . We have a transition afternoon just before she starts so anything she wants to ask she can then .

Out came our tray of sandwiches , cakes and scones , and lots of fresh strawberries. We had cream cheese sandwiches, tuna and pickle and cheese . They were delicious and we were getting so stuffed by this point , we didn’t know what to finish up with :)

We asked for a take away box and took the rest of it home to have for dinner that night which was lovely of the lady to let us do.

We finished the afternoon off with a bit of school shopping and it was such a lovely day . Having three children , I really try and make the time for one on one days or little trips out as it really does mean so much to them and it also gives you that little special time with each other.

We are all set for school now and have really enjoyed the summer holidays.


  1. I love this! It was my favourite thing to do with my Mum. We really opened up to each other over tea.

    I’m so glad you had this tile together, it sounds wonderful x

  2. Aww this looks so good! I really like the idea of mummy daughter afternoon tea, and those cakes all looks so delicious!

  3. Aww what a lovely idea to have a mummy daughter day in the run up to going back to school. Your afternoon tea looks so delicious.

  4. We love Afternoon tea, especially my girls, i havent seen Nachos before as an option, that's a twist.

  5. I am glad you lot are all set for school! I think it's so important that kids so back to school now especially with all thats gone on

  6. That's a great looking afternoon tea and it's nice that you both got the chance to do that before going back to school x

  7. Afternoon tea looks fab, having a day with your daughter sounds just perfect

  8. Aw this sounds so lovely and it sounds like you had a great time, your daughter looks just like you too! I can't wait until my little ones are a tad older and I can enjoy things like this with them too!

  9. How cute! And you both look so much alike! My daughter and I don't look completely alike but strangers think we are sisters because I have a baby face!

  10. How lovely that you got to go out and enjoy afternoon tea together. Definitely one of my favourite pastimes.

  11. Awww this is so sweet, I bet she absolutely loved the alone time with you plus afternoon tea is a bonus.


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