Friday 4 September 2020


This morning I have had the worst knots in my stomach sending Alessia off to school but she has been looking forward to this day all through the holidays and could not wait to get to school this morning.

Lock down has been tough on us all but Alessia has definitely felt worse as the weeks have gone on. She has missed her friends and getting out and it has definitely taken its toll on her.

She went back to school for the last week as she has actually changed schools this year as we are hoping to get back to our old town very soon as we moved into this home temporarily.

So this year was not only a new year but also a new school and she really couldn’t wait for it .

We were up at 6am and made cups of teas and toast and had a lovely chat this morning  about all the things she was excited about for today.

Mezz dropped her off and she texted me at lunch time to tell me she was having a lovely day and had pancakes at break for snack time - definitely takes after her mum when it comes to food :)


She got home and was full of smiles , she also looked absolutely shattered , anyone else’s kids look worse for wear on the first day back!

She had the best day and made so many friends , and also knew a few people from when we lived in the area before moving.

Hand sanitizer stands we’re in every corridor and she felt completely safe in her bubble .

She absolutely loved it and any worries she had were completely gone and she couldn’t wait to go in the next day :)

We had a Mac Donald’s for tea as a back to school treat and enjoyed the success of a first day back :)

Although I am still worried with everything that is going on in the world , and as parents it’s what we do. I definitely feel a little less stressed and know that going back is not only good for her , it’s good for us all to get back to some kind of routine for our mental health .

If your kiddies have gone back , I hope they are enjoying it .

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