Socialisation for children is an important aspect of their overall development; at can keep their spirits high, boost their confidence and generally just allow them to develop their sense of self.

 Unfortunately, during the global pandemic, social interactions are being kept to a minimum, which is taking its toll on mental health all around the world. 


Virtual playdates are a great place to start. Get in touch with the parents of your child’s friends to arrange a video call for your kids.

 There are lots of platforms you can use to make this happen, including Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting set-up. 

They might find the experience a little awkward, so you could prepare some sort of game or quiz so that they feel more inclined to get involved. Make sure there’s a prize at the end!


Another option for your kids is a movie night. Netflix have recently brought out a system called Netflix Party which basically allows people to synchronise their video playback from different locations so that they can watch a movie at exactly the same time.

 There’s a chat function which will let your child and their friend message one another to discuss what’s going on in the film.


You could encourage your child to communicate the old-fashioned way by writing a letter to their friends, which you could mail out or hand deliver. 

They will find it exciting waiting for a response in the post and they’ll be able to keep the letters in a memory box so they can reminisce in the future. The process will teach your child how to write on an envelope and will help them improve their handwriting.

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