We have spent the morning writing out our letters to Santa ready for tonight.

Nila is 3 and this is definitely the year that she has been so into all the holidays and understands them .

She was so excited to write up her letter to Santa,  as she is desperate for a yo-yo and some marbles off of him.

She has been going on about it for ages now and it is so cute that her answers haven’t changed for when I have asked her previously.

She has added in a robot too and was really concentrating on all her ‘writing’. She didn’t want any help and could do it all by herself - so she did , and do an amazing job too :)

Alessia has been asking for a bird for a few weeks now and I have said no , so she has obviously asked Santa for one ..... 

I’m sure Santa will bring her a cute plush bird as he knows we haven’t got the time for a bird right now :)

Kids eh! :)

Letters to Santa all finished and ready to put on the window for him to take tonight .

We leave the window open slightly and he comes in the night and sprinkles dust on them and they float into the night , safe and sound in Santa’s sack.

He will obviously be closing the window after him , it’s cold ! :)

We’ve topped the day off with Christmas Chronicles 2 and tea and gingerbread men .

Have your little ones done their letters yet ? Have they asked for anything extravagant or simple and less wild! 


  1. we have not done letters to Santa this year with my niece and nephew but most years we do and they have loved it.

  2. I love the idea of Santa collecting them from an open window. I hope at least one of your daughters gets her Santa wish granted... I'll let you decide which one!

    Our girls have asked for beanbags and my son a basketball. Not sure the beanbag will fit through the chimney, but they have been very good so we will see x

  3. Awww how lovely! I used to love the Santa letter stage when my daughter was younger. However quickly stopped this as soon as she included a car on her list. Optimism at its finest! ;) Sim x

  4. Aw they have done a wonderful job of making letters for santa, my kids haven't done it yet, they will this week hopefully.

  5. I love when Children write letters to Santa as there is so much interesting facts and information in there specially written for Santa. Both my kids have done this a few weeks back and it was beautiful to see

  6. I actually need to get my two to sit down and write theirs! Olivia's wishes keep changing every single day, haha!

  7. We watched Christmas Chronicles 2 this week and loved it. My kids haven't written their letters yet, we had better get cracking

  8. Aw that's such a cute idea to leave them by the window. I don't remember what we did with our letters when I was little x

  9. Awww so cute! I don't have little ones but love the idea of writing letters at the holidays. Adults should do this too as a reminder that the joy of the holidays isn't just about children, but our inner child too!

  10. Aw I love this!! Very traditional thing to do and it is nice to see that kids still do and enjoy writing these letters x

  11. Aw this is lovely and I LOVE the idea of leaving them out on the window for santa to collect! We are going to be writing ours this weekend and the kids keep changing their mind so who knows what will be on their lists, hopefully something I have brought already LOL! Sounds like you had a lovely festive day.


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