Sunday 6 December 2020


It’s important for parents to teach their children from a young age about the hardships that other people go through so that they can empathise with others, start to appreciate what they have and learn to ‘give back’. 


Encouraging them to get involved with the community is one great way to achieve this, helping your child grow and develop on a personal level. An independent school in London share more information about the benefits of community involvement below. There are lots of options when it comes to charity work and ‘giving back’ and each come with their own advantages. For instance, if your child is old enough, they could start volunteering in a local charity shop to help support those in need. 

This will be great on their CV as it involves customer service and money management skills, so your child might find it easier to find a real job in the future. Alternatively, your child might want to run a marathon to raise money for charity, which will help improve their physical fitness. 


Help your child by doing some research about the options in your local area and chatting to them about what might interest them. Don’t force them to do something just because it’s a cause close to your heart, as we all have different passions, and they might be more interested in something else. 

For instance, they might have a friend in school with special educational needs and might therefore want to go down that route with their charity work. 

Alternatively, they might have a grandparent living in a care home, inspiring them to volunteer at one to support the elderly. 


Get in touch with your child’s school, as they might have their own plans to help students get involved with community work. Lots of schools plan trips to countries all around the world where students can help build schools or religious buildings for the native people

Try not to hold your child back if they show an interest in something like this, as it’s an opportunity for them to learn a range of key skills and potentially even make lifelong friends.

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