Saturday 5 December 2020


 We have spent the morning writing out our letters to Santa ready for tonight.

Nila is 3 and this is definitely the year that she has been so into all the holidays and understands them .

She was so excited to write up her letter to Santa,  as she is desperate for a yo-yo and some marbles off of him.

She has been going on about it for ages now and it is so cute that her answers haven’t changed for when I have asked her previously.

She has added in a robot too and was really concentrating on all her ‘writing’. She didn’t want any help and could do it all by herself - so she did , and do an amazing job too :)

Alessia has been asking for a bird for a few weeks now and I have said no , so she has obviously asked Santa for one ..... 

I’m sure Santa will bring her a cute plush bird as he knows we haven’t got the time for a bird right now :)

Kids eh! :)

Letters to Santa all finished and ready to put on the window for him to take tonight .

We leave the window open slightly and he comes in the night and sprinkles dust on them and they float into the night , safe and sound in Santa’s sack.

He will obviously be closing the window after him , it’s cold ! :)

We’ve topped the day off with Christmas Chronicles 2 and tea and gingerbread men .

Have your little ones done their letters yet ? Have they asked for anything extravagant or simple and less wild! 

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