Starting pre-school is such a big thing for little ones. They are so use to being at home with you and then, they are off into that big wide world of nursery :)

September , Nila started nursery and due to Covid , the usual way they settle in the children had to be changed , so we weren’t allowed to take the children in or come in the classroom at all. 

This really did unsettle me , but we had a leaflet before hand to explain all the new rules for the new nursery children .

We got as many books as we could on starting school to ease Nila into the idea and although she was very excited , she was still really nervous .

We had been sent the pretend & play school set from Learning resources and thought this would be the perfect thing to help explain to Nila what would be happening when she started.

The set includes a pop out school with all the bits you’d need , paper , a pointer for the map ,little work sheets, pencils , stickers , a bell ,which I hid after a few days :) and a white board pen and rubber.

We played schools , which Nila loves playing any type of pretend play in general , it’s her favourite thing to do , but we also played schools as it would be when she started .

So we wrote a list of what happens and we ticked them off like a school register ..

Water bottle , check, book bag , check , give mummy a kiss , check , then go in like a big girl all by yourself, check.

This set has been an absolute god send and completely prepared Nila for nursery - she absolutely loves it and the girls are always playing schools at the weekend , and always fighting over who is the teacher , I’m sure we all wanted to be the teacher when we were younger didn’t we? :)

This would make a fantastic present for Christmas, especially if your little ones if they are starting nursery in January for the next term.

You can purchase it from Amazon and it’s actually on offer at the minute for £24.95 :) 

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  1. This is such a great set. A few years ago my youngest had it from Learning resources or one pretty similar. She had hours and hours of fun with it x

  2. My brother and his family got something similar for my niece as so she can play nursery as well.

  3. This is a terrific idea for anyone starting school. It incorporates things that are part of a daily school routine as well as important parts of daily life.

  4. This is such a fab idea for any child starting school - it is great! Olivia would have loved this when she was younger.

  5. This looks like a lovely set and great for getting little ones ready for nursery and school. We love learning resources' products, fun yet educational.

  6. This is such a great resource for children who are about to start school. Great learning tools.

  7. I love that it folds down nice and small, sometimes role play toys are too big

  8. This brings back so many memories for me, I had something very similar when I was little and a post office too.


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