Yesterday Kay and I headed out for a Mother’s Day surprise she had planned us .I honestly had no idea where we were going but she did say dress up.

I did order some stuff from Asos that actually turned up Monday evening - always the case isn’t it :)

We got the train into Manchester and had our usual on the train - latte and croissant, the almond croissants at the station coffee shops are always the best!.

We headed to primark and did a little bit of shopping before going to Turtle Bay for a bottomless brunch. 

Unlimited cocktails - now don’t get me wrong, I love a drink and wouldn’t turn down a glass of gin, but bottomless cocktails, I was a little apprehensive ha !.

We ordered our food and I had the roti roll which was so nice,almost like a savoury pancake with chicken , smashed avocado and salad .Kadiann had a burger and we started on the drinks….

Strawberry daiquiri and the pineapple daiquiris were so strong!. Definitely didn’t hold back on the alcohol, so we got our pennies worth :)

We also had some iced coffee ones which were delicious and our absolute favourite of the afternoon was the mai tai lunch, so fruity.

We had such a time in there and honestly laughed so much. The sun was shining outside and it was glorious.

We stopped off at dunken donuts for dessert and missed the train home , wouldn’t be us if we didn’t miss a train or two :)

Was a lovely treat and so nice to spend some one on one time together .

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