Thursday 31 March 2022


Care Bears have always had a place in my heart.I use to love them when I was younger and actually handed down my collection to my girls and the love for them has just continued.

They were first created in the 80s, spreading their message of caring , being kind and being as positive as you can be - which we all try and strive to be don’t we, and as parents I think this is something we should definitely be teaching our children.

Nila and I were lucky enough to go on a quest to find the new addition to the Care Bears family- Dream Bright.She is the most optimistic bear in Care-A-Lot and she’s always there to cheer you on and encourage you to follow your dreams, I think I need a Dream Bright for myself :)

Her motto is believe in yourself and Dream Bright, know that anything is possible if you try your best and believe in yourself .

We headed into Smyths on the hunt for Dream Bright, it was definitely touch and go, but we found her in the end and she is gorgeous.A beautiful Pastel rainbow ombré colour and super soft - the best for cuddling Nila says.

You can get your very own Dream Bright care bear from Smyths Toys for £16.99.

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