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Hi my name is Kira Hutt, I am 31 and I live in Staffordshire with my partner Scott and our two beautiful daughters, Kadiann 13 and Alessia 7. We are also pregnant and currently expecting our third daughter in July 2017.

I work part time as a community care worker,which I love and have recently started maternity leave due to the demands of the job role.

 I started working in the care sector at the age of 18 and have always loved having such a rewarding job, knowing you are helping someone maintain enough independence to reside in their own home, its amazing. 

I also own a youtube channel -Kira Hutt- I love uploading all kinds of videos ranging from weekend vlogs of our life, favourite items of the month to grocery and beauty hauls, anything if I am honest!. I currently upload  on a Monday and Friday. 

Recently i have taken an interest in Blogging and I have got to say I am hooked. I have always enjoyed writing and kept diaries for years when I was younger. Typing away on my blog I lose myself in a world of calmness and tranquillity. I have a fresh new Blog post up every week and my blog  is my diary of my life, the ups and downs, however i am feeling, cool and exciting things we get up to , reviews, and more.

I love everything beauty and skincare related, completely obsessed with Lush cosmetics,the girls and I could not live without Netflix, pretty little liars is the best!, i love to read and probably own enough books to set up a library. We enjoy going for walks through the local granges with a hot flask of tea. 

 Kira X

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