About me

Hi my name is Kira Hutt, I am 32 and I live in Norfolk with my partner Scott and our three beautiful daughters, Kadiann 14, Alessia 9our newest addition Nila who is 12 months old.

I have become self employed since having baby Nila but have also gone back to my job as a carer in the community on Sundays now maternity leave has come to an end.

I started working in the care sector at the age of 18 and have always loved having such a rewarding job, knowing you are helping someone maintain enough independence to reside in their own home, its amazing. 

I also own a youtube channel -Kira Hutt- I  upload all kinds of videos ranging from vlogs of our life, favourite items of the month to grocery and beauty hauls,reviews and give aways, anything if I am honest!. I currently upload on a Monday and Friday evening.

Since having Nila, i feel like life really is to short and you need to grab it with both hands. We love going for walks out, whatever the weather and just really enjoying every moment of life- the ups and downs, and everything in between 
 Kira X

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