Wednesday 23 March 2016


It was Ostara on Sunday, the first day of Spring. As pagans this is one of the holidays from the wheel of the year that we celebrate. Lucky for us it was a beautiful Sunday,dry and the sun was shining,what a great day for the farm.

Glebe farm  is quite local to us,25 minutes drive,we went there last year and had a lovely time so decided to take the girls there again. It's a small family farm,they have llamas,horses,pigs,cows,birds,sheep and goats.They also have a play area,which is currently being renovated for the summer.

The girl's bought some carrots to feed the animals. Kadiann was more keen than Alessia,being the shyer one,but by the end of the afternoon she managed to feed the horses which was amazing.

They also have a courtyard full of different shops ranging from yoga classes,toy shops to having lunch in the cafe or the coffee house. The girls love having lunch here as the food is delicious!.

They also stayed at the jack in the green which is run by a lovely lady and her dog,yes dog.It is a child's dream ,full of tons of crafting projects to do.

You can purchase your item and take it home or spend the afternoon there,which the girls did,and create a lovely piece. Alessia chose to paint her fairy whilst Kadiann decided to give decoupage a go on her cat money box,easier said than done! We left the girl's master pieces there so the lady can bake them and we will be picking them up later on next week where they have a whole 2 weeks of fun in the half term.

We had a lovely family day out and these are the days that we cherish as a working parent family it is hard to get us all together at the same time,but we managed ,and we look forward to more days like these very soon.

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