Sunday 6 March 2016


So it is Mothers Day and as everyone wishes for it to be the most 'perfect' day, breakfast in bed, I made my own, no moaning or fighting, peaceful and no housework, that didn't happen here.
All families are different,and that is OK,we all have our own ways of celebrating things and sometimes they don't go as planned.

My Mothers day started off with Alessia waking me up,snuggling for 15 minutes and then telling me she wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast.I did try and summons Kadiann for a quick cup of tea in bed but even she was having none of it so I decided to make it myself.It started snowing this morning then the sun got brighter as the morning went on which was lovely.

The girls got me some really lovely gifts,lush products had to be in there somewhere, and the unmumsy mum book which I can not wait to get stuck into. Kadiann always writes the most amazing cards and keeping in with tradition I cried my eyes out reading it. She has a way with words and I know deep down she means every single one of them.

We had tears and tantrums, arguments galore before finally heading out for lunch,even that was a debate on where to go,I just wanted a nice carvery and we ended up in The Plough,its lovely in there,we have been a few times, apple and cinnamon crumble with cream for pudding,I was extremely full!.

Alessia wanted to go to the park afterwards,even though it felt like -5 by this time and Kadiann disagreeing to the idea we headed there anyway, quick stop at Sainsburys for Scott to get the mother in law a card.

The girls played lovely together which is always lovely to see and they absolutely love each other to bits,although they do not show it at times,.The park was a success and they got to let off some steam. We ended up going into Scott's parents house for a coffee,awkward, I did it for him so I hope he appreciates it.

Now the kiddies are in bed , I am going to make myself the biggest mug of tea, run a bath and soak all my worries away,If only,. I hope you have all had a nice day,or made it the best you can and remember to take time out for yourself more than just one day a year!

Kira X

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