Friday 22 April 2016


We have had an amazing opportunity, to have been invited to Wembley Stadium to raise awareness of FA Girls' Football Week. With Kadiann eagerly wanting to start football,I thought this was such a great experience and the best place to start. 

FA Girls' Football week takes place on Monday 25th April and it is all about promoting and raising awareness of the opportunities for girls aged 7-16 to play Football locally, and to help encourage positive perception changes for everyone, especially to our girls that want to play but feel they cant.

To find your local football opportunity go to have found one for Kadiann already,i didn't realise football for girls was so accessible.We have already been out and kitted her up with all the gear, its all or nothing with that one!.

'We Can Play' is a campaign that the FA launched last year to help embrace women's football and to spread the message that girls can play football too and that this sport is not just for boys,which Kadiann thought was a fantastic message and was sure to go into school and let all the boys know!.
If you too would like to help change this horrible perception of football is 'just for boys' and for more information then head over to the and help get our girls on the pitch!.

We also met Kelly Smith, being an arsenal supporter myself, I was a little star struck!.She was lovely,and had a few wise words for Kadiann which I really felt boost her confidence.She also ended up on our Wembley tour which was fantastic and so much fun.

After lunch the girls had a chance to take part in a football skills session at Wembley Powerleague  which they all did fantastic,not only did they get to have a kick about but the coaches also gave them some good advice and Kadiann has bought that back with her,even Kelly enjoyed the kick about.

We have had an amazing experience at Wembley Staduim with Kelly Smith.Kadiann has benefited massively from this opportunity,sky is the limit now.

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