Friday 30 September 2016


One thing i hate drinking on its own is water. I think that is why i don't tend to get through the daily amount required each day and seems to end up feeling like a chore to do!.

Since i decided to change my eating lifestyle in May and losing over a stone a half, my most important goals were to food optimise and to keep hydrated.

Just Bee Drinks supply a light and refreshing honey water drink, made with spring water and a drop of honey,literally one drop!.No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and under 50 calories per carton,if you are on Slimming World that is only 2.5 syns! :)

 They kindly sent me their Just Bee Gift Box, which has one carton of each flavour they do which are blueberry, lemon and green tea and apple and ginger.

Having tried all three flavours i have got to say my absolute favourite is the apple and ginger,it was the blueberry but i have been converted.

 The gift box retails at £4.99 which i think is very affordable.We also got a pack of wild flower seed to plant in the empty carton,which i thought was a brilliant idea,not only as a family garden project but also to help save the bees.

We will planting ours next year and will definitely show you our results.

Thank you so much to Just Bee for allowing us to sample your drinks, a big thumbs up from this household :)

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