One thing i miss about living in Norfolk is being so close to the beach.Whenever we visit my parents this is something i try to do as much as possible. It seems to be one of them things that you take for granted and really miss once you no longer have it.

We have had an amazing beach day.We made a big picnic and literally spent all day down Hemsby beach,which isn't to far from Great Yarmouth. It was a glorious day and was absolutely packed with people on holiday,which gives you that lovely seaside feeling. We really fitted in,with our own wind breakers and deck chairs,perfect!.

The girls went in the sea,as did i,Alessia has become much more confident with water since our holiday to Turkey, and Kadiann  had such good fun swimming in the sea.

Being at the beach, you lose track of time,being with family and enjoying the sea air, the sand in between your toes,time just flies.For me it's almost like you need to capture the memories in a bottle,and the sand if your as mad as me!.



  1. We love a trip to the beach and wished we lived closer to have days out to one. Bring back summer it seems a distant memory!

  2. I love going to visit my MIL as she lives 10 minute walk from Dymchurch beach!

  3. I miss the beach. We had a beach holiday im the summer and the kids are still talking about it.

  4. I love the beach but don't get to visit nearly enough. It's such a great place for family days


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