Monday 28 November 2016


One thing I love doing as a hobby is taking the girls walking through the country side . We have the grange that is a mile walk away and it is beautiful. It also has a small cafe to stop off for hot chocolate or an ice cream - which the kids love!

Since starting work I have felt the strain of these days and sometimes dread them or make an excuse for a ‘lazy day’ . Being a career in the community is a very rewarding job , it has its difficulties and also challenges every day but I absolutely love it and love the sense of giving something back

As a walker - this is a term the care industry use for a career that doesn’t drive and walks to and from their calls - which calls are client’s homes, it can be so tiring by the end of a 10 hour shift and the strain on your legs can sometimes be more exhausting then the actual
Job itself .

Weather conditions can make Work very difficult and last weekend I fell . We have had snow over the last week and it has turned to ice . Try walking in that all day - not fun! As carers we don’t get a lot of travel time , so walking to the next call and being on time always seem to feel impossible.

I ended up falling and landing on my right knee - which ended up me tearing my ligaments in the knee and spraining my ankle - the joys!

All jokes aside , I have never felt pain quite like it - besides child birth! :)

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