Tuesday 13 December 2016


When it comes to arts and crafts, we love nothing more than to spend the afternoon
or a rainy day at the table letting our imagination run wild.One
thing i am guilty of is forgetting to stock up the craft box and we have
had numerous occasions where the girls have been mid way through a project
and have needed something that we have ran out of!

ToucanBox is a perfect solution for us. The box arrives straight
 through your letter box, addressed to your little one, which Alessia
was amazing. Everything you will need to make the projects are included along
 with some information leaflets.

This box was Christmas themed so we got the chance to make some Christmas 
decorations for the tree
 and Alessia got a chance to practice her reindeer drawing with the help 
of the Christmas book provided.

We have had a lovely afternoon reviewing this subscription box and give it a 10/10.

Dont forget to let me know whats inside your box!

Thanks for reading

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