Wednesday 30 August 2017


When it comes to baby chairs,there are so many different ones about.You have your classic baby bouncer,which i think everyone who has a teenager has used one of these ones, now there's a whole load more with tons of added features,rockers,swingers,the list is endless.

We have been using the Evolution Musical Rocker Chair from Jane and we absolutely love it.Retails at £99.99. It comes in two themes,Savannah,which we have, and Artic and the toy bar is also included. Suitable from birth and up to the age of three as it transforms into a toddler chair and rocker, making it excellent value for money and lasting you ages. It is so light weight and folds down,super compact and has carry handles, we even took it on holiday with us!

I love the fact that the toy bar moves up and down so is easy to get baby out or you can take it off completely.We have the Savannah,which is a little bunny theme and honestly,we catch Nila giggling away at them or  sometimes really trying to tell them off which is so cute!

There are 4 functions at the front of the chair: Music only, vibration only, both music and vibration or everything off.

The footrest is adjustable and it has a multi position backrest,making it lay flat for newborns.There are two flaps either side of the chair that pull out and clip back to lock in your designated position.

The rocker feature is easy to use, simply turn the back 'feet' inwards and it rocks,outwards and it stands.I found the choice to have it either rocking or not to be one of the best features as Nila tends to rock herself at every opportunity which can make a very sick baby after feeding, followed with hiccups for half an hour!, so on standing, the chair does not move at all which is perfect for letting them little bellies rest after a bottle.

Nila absolutely loves her evolution chair, its fully padded, making it super comfy to fall asleep in, resulting in naptime lasting for hours, especially with the vibration on,that is her favourite.

For anyone who is looking for a baby chair, that can be used for years to come, i would highly recommended this one and i am sure Nila agrees!.

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