Sunday 6 August 2017


Moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. Having to move with very little notice and no choice in the property is even more stressful and has resulted in us moving into a much smaller property than we hoped for.Add a newborn baby into the equation and you definitely haven't got enough room to swing a cat! With this being said, we have tried to make the most of the little space we have and have found the perfect solution for our small space problem.

The Little Chick London Bedside Crib has been a life saver and is super practical!  It is slightly larger than a moses basket , but no where near as a big as a cot. There are clasps either side which means it can fold away for storage, so can be tucked up during the day to give you more space in the bedroom and then brought back out later in the evening.The crib sides are made of breathable sandwich mesh fabric which promotes airflow and temperature control,which puts my mind at ease when trying to sleep myself.

Little chick London also have a twinkle light bedtime soother which can be purchased separately, Nila adores this,where ever she goes, it follows, and we find ourselves strapping it to everything to get 5 minutes peace, the joys of having a newborn!

Retailing at £99.99 for the crib and £34.99 for the mattress, i think it is a very reasonable price for a crib that is sturdy, fold-able and very good quality.It comes in two colours,white and grey. we absolutely love ours!

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*We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review* 

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