Monday 24 July 2017


Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, it was a glorious day so we decided to take baby Nila out for the afternoon and finally test drive the Hybrid stroller.

We took a stroll through the local flower park and soaked up some vitamin D.

The hybrid is a lovely stroller to push, the suspension on the wheels are fantastic! it literally feels like your going over clouds when it comes to the rocky roads and bumps, Nila didn't feel a thing and was a happy little bunny.

The extended hood/sun canopy is a perfect little addition to this stroller, it kept every little bit of sun off of my little one's face and kept her shaded which is a definite must now summer is here,finally.

We went off for some lunch as well at a local family friendly pub that we hadn't been before, i was slightly worried the stroller was a bit too big to fit into the place but i had nothing to worry about, pubs are a lot bigger inside then they look on the outside!

Nila had a feed and went to sleep to let this mama have her lunch. The carrycot mattress is super soft and so cosy, she settled for her nap straight away with no problem at all.

We had a lovely day out and i love my hybrid stroller,and so does the little owner! All my little worries about taking it out have gone and it lives up to all its expectations and transformer buggy :)

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