Saturday 16 September 2017


So last week i finally did it, and re-joined Slimming World. If you are new here then you will not know, but before i got pregnant with Nila, i had lost almost 3 stone and got to my target with Slimming World, so i was eager to join after Nila was born but just did not have the confidence too.

I have been poorly, pretty much since Nila has been born, for nearly 6 weeks now, i have been on endless amounts of different anti-biotics and steroids and i think deep down this has been an excuse for me not to join: i will wait until i am better,i kept telling Scott, but getting better feels like its in the far distance and how many mornings can you have 4 packets of crisps for breakfast!, i know!, i really was letting myself go and i did not know how to pull myself out of it.

Slimming World has never felt like a diet to me, it is a new way of life as there is nothing you can not eat, you have your set 'syns', and you choose how to spend them, so to speak, on what ever you wish- chocolate, alcohol or even a cheeky takeaway, i can not wait for a nando's, just saying..

So after a text off my Slimming World consultant and a little pep talk with myself i bit the bullet and went along to the meeting, I am so glad i did, it really didn't feel like i had been away, baby in tow, i was really nervous taking Nila, the usual mum worries-crying, whinging, poo explosions,luckily we had none of them. There were quite a few new faces, but some old and was lovely catching up with everyone.

The dreaded weigh in!, now i honestly thought i weighed more than i do, so was a little chuffed with that but still have a few stone to hit my new target and i can not wait!. I am going to BlogOnXmas in Manchester next weekend and i intend to eat and drink like there is no tomorrow and enjoy myself, but i will be very good,fingers crossed, for the week and hopefully that will pay off!

If anyone is interested in joining Slimming World and you don't know where to start or are feeling a little nervous, just go for it!.Go online, find the nearest group to you and join, honestly you will not regret it.My Slimming World consultant Clare is absolutely lovely!

If you are a Slimming World member then i would love to know how your journeys going so far, how have you done this week? Any new recipes you have tried out? Let me know.

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