Monday 11 September 2017


If you didn't know by now, we are big fans of the Dr brown's range and use the Dr Brown's bottles with Nila. They have helped her reflux and gas build up drastically and we actually sleep now,which is great!

We have recently paired up the bottles with their microwave steriliser and have been using it for a few weeks now.
Once opened, there is little to the components;the steriliser itself ,tongs and the little tray inside which you sit everything on,no rocket science involved-thank god!. 
Once the bottles are all washed up, the are placed in the little grooves on the tray, followed by all the other bits and bobs-teats,lids etc

Depending on your microwave watt,the amount of water required differs, for our 800W it is 6OZ'S,that gets poured into the steriliser. Put the lid on, now i will say, the only downside is the lid does not click in place, so don't go lifting it up by this as you will fail, miserably.Into the microwave and that is pretty much your sterilised bottles done.

I didn't think it was going to fit in our microwave, but it did, and fits most regular microwaves. Let it sit and cool for a while before handling as it will be very hot!.

Retails at £29.99 plus comes with two 270ML bottles.I think that is an absolute bargain.

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*We were sent the product in exchange for an honest review*

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