Thursday 7 September 2017


I can not believe this is the first picnic we have managed to have. Summer this year has been non existent. We made the most of last week and headed out ,picnic in tow, to the nature field by our home. I have found it very hard juggling a newborn and making sure the girls have quality time with me, so this day out we were all looking forward too.

We packed some cards, our big skipping rope-we are loving double dutch at the minute and Nila's babymoov tent, which she loves!. 

We literally had nothing in the house,was due a food shop desperately but i managed to make my homemade potato salad, which is the girls favourite, and the usual, sandwiches,crisps and chocolate of course.

We had such a lovely afternoon, spent hours just being with each other you know? no housework, bottle washing, no 'one minute'. 

We sang along to music, played cards for ages! 'Go fish' can last for ages, i didn't win, Kadiann decided to 'attack' me and pinch all my cards! 

Nila was so well behaved, which i was dreading if i am honet, she had her lunchtime bottle, had a sleep in her babymoov tent and really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, she was really mesmerised by it all.

Our first picnic of the year was a success, and even though juggling three children is hard at the minute,i have promised we will do more special days like these,I love them all more than words can say and treasure these moments.

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